Before You Call Tech Support
AcuGraph has few requirements for successful operation, and most problems can be solved by checking some simple items. If you are having a problem, please check on the following items before calling technical support. This will help us provide rapid service in the event of more difficult problems and eliminate excess time spent on problems that can be quickly and easily solved by users.

First, please make sure you have read the applicable sections of this manual. The instructions in this manual have been carefully produced and exhaustively tested for accuracy. More than half the calls to Tech Support are simply because the AcuGraph user ignored the instructions in this manual. Please READ and FOLLOW the manual instructions.

The AcuGraph website ( contains more thorough troubleshooting information and answers to questions, and it is available 24 hours-a-day.

In the following text, common problems are divided into the following 4 areas:

Installation Problems:

Problems Setting Up AcuGraph:

Problems Taking Measurements:

Printing Problems:

AcuGraph supports most laser and ink-jet printers. The printer you wish to use must be accessible to your computer by direct connection to your computer or through a network. Best results are obtained when graphs are printed in color, and a color printer is therefore recommended.

Before you can print from AcuGraph, you must first install the driver software supplied with your printer. Please refer to your printer’s documentation for detailed installation and operation instructions.